The mysterious Parker family

Meet the Parkers.  Papa Robbie is famous for being the father who was laughing as he stepped up to the mic the day after his daughter was supposedly shot at Sandy Hook. If that was the only evidence that things are amiss with this family, I would respectfully shut up. Unfortunately, there are many other pieces of evidence that cause me to suspect that the Parkers are being used by the establishment at the front lines of a propaganda war.

In this picture, which was first shown during a news broadcast about Emilie’s funeral, there is indisputable evidence that Emilie has been Photoshopped into it.   She is obviously oddly positioned off to the side, even behind her father. The most obvious sign to even an untrained eye is that her head is actually smaller than her sisters’ who are several years younger than Emilie.  I have a high-resolution copy of this photo, and when I zoom in on the plant to the right of Emilie, there is also the obvious use of the ‘cloning tool’ in which you select a portion of a pattern, and copy and paste to enlarge the plant. Originally there was something else there.  There was a detailed explanation by a professional graphic designer, as well as a link to the high-res version of the picture on Youtube under the title:  Sandy Hook – THE FINAL STRAW –  New High Resolution Photo with Irrefutable Cut and Paste!!!  But mysteriously the video is now marked ‘Private’ and is no longer available.   Other important details pointed out were how clean the hairline around Emilie’s head is, and the lack of shadow on the side of Robbie’s arm, as well as the blurriness of Emilie’s shoes and the tuft of grass in front of her compared with the other girls’ shoes and the other grass.  Now that I look at the photo again, the background is quite dark indicating that there is no direct sunlight. Yet the family members are quite brightly and evenly lit. I’m no expert, but it seems to me like a studio shot in front of a green screen.




This is not evidence that the entire event is a grand hoax. But when anomalies like this are discovered, there should be an effort to get to the bottom of what is really happening. This image was broadcast on mainstream tv news. Why would they allow a photoshopped image to be used?  When the mainstream media has admitted to allowing planted Pentagon Psy-Ops officers to work undercover in their news agency and essentially direct government propaganda at the American people, and when CNN has been caught using fake war coverage, we need another level of vigilance to counter disinformation.

To anybody who thinks that I am being paranoid and reading too much into this, please comment below and explain why a family would photoshop one of their children into a family portrait? Have you ever done this?


There are many truthers who claim that the illuminati satanists are behind this event. I don’t like to speculate to such an extreme degree, but I do find it troubling just how many devil’s horns hand signals these three girls (all of em) have been throwing up in the pictures available to the public. Like here:


And here you have the youngest doing it, and the middle sister as well, under her papa’s hand:


In that one, I’m not sure if any alterations were made, or if the girls’ hands were really like that…the thumb on the youngest’s hand seems like it’s facing the wrong way, or maybe she just has a deformed hand?


horns again

This and other pictures from the same day have been used as evidence that Emilie is ‘still alive’, since the girl in the foreground could look like Emilie and she is wearing the same red and black dress like in the above photo. These assertions ignore the obvious truth that almost any family that has multiple girls will hand clothing down the line from eldest to younger.  Sometimes these ridiculous theories come from truly crazy or paranoid people who jump on any subversive idea.  Sometimes these are ‘strawman’ arguments, inserted into the truther debate by government disinfo agents.  These fake theories muddy the waters and are useful to those who would ‘debunk’ conspiracy theories.  Often these ‘debunking’ articles focus on the more ridiculous claims like ‘there were no planes on 9/11’, show them to be easily dis-proven, and the public is reassured that all of these ‘conspiracy theories’ are nothing but hogwash.  Another example in the SH case is a guy that goes by ‘Dallas Goldbug’ who tries to show that many of the people seen in SH footage were also in footage of the Arizona shootings and Aurora case.

Well, I don’t pretend that any on this is proof that SH was a staged event, but I would hope that it makes you say ‘what the hell is that about’ and decide to look into the story a little deeper.   Several of these pictures have been downloaded from Robbie’s facebook page, where weeks after truthers had begun to harass the family, he had not yet set his photos to private or even ‘friends of friends’. This would lead me to believe that these altered and strange photos were intended to attract the attention of truthers in order to provoke a reaction so as to publicly demonize these ‘conspiracy theorists’ who seem to be causing further anguish to the victims of this tragedy.

A good primer on the inconsistencies in the reporting of SH is this Youtube video which currently has over 11 million hits and a high like/dislike ratio indicating a good deal of public curiosity and receptivity to the idea that there is more than meets the eye here. Please watch with an open mind 🙂


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